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This is a free service we use to spread out music of bands we support and stuff from our catalogue (some out of stock, some still available).
At the moment, we are planning streaming between 1:00pm and 1:00am (UTC+0).

There was someone who said:
"We don't need other musicians: we need terrorists".

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Satan's Sadist 'zine

Slowly we rot 'zine

Clandestine 'zine

Antichrist 'zine

Voice of a Tortured Skull

Pirate Broadcast


A Forest, Abhor, Abigail, Abysmal Lord, Acid Witch, Arphaxat, Ars Goetia, Ars Macabra, Arvas, Ascended Dead, Athanor, Atomic Aggressor, Atomizer, Barbatros, Barshasketh, Bat, Black Trinity, Black Witchery, Blasphemic Cruelty, Blood Urn, Bonehunter, Buio Omega, Burial Hordes, Cemetery Lust, Centurian, Cerekloth, Chainsaw, Chemikiller, Children of Technology, Chthonic Cult, Cianide, Crucified Mortals, Cultes des Ghouls, Darkness, Deathwork, Deathhammer, Deformation, Délétère, Deiphago, Denial of God, Denouncement Pyre, Destruktor, Diabolical Messiah, Diavolos, Dictatoreyes, Diocletian, Dishammer, Dolcinian, Dolentia, Doomentor, Doom Snake Cult, Embrace of Thorns, Embalmed, Eradication, Eucharist, Evilnight, Evil Army, Evil Spirit, Evol, Flagellum Dei, Flame, Forces of Darkness, Fourth Monarchy, Front Beast, Funeral Rites, Funeris Nocturnum, Gnosis, Gnosis of the Witch, Goatsemen, Goat Vomit Noise, Gotholocaust, Gouge, Grà, Grave Desecrator, Grim Monolith, Heavydeath, Hierophants Descent, Joel Grind, Khephra, Krigere Wolf, Kuturlat, Haethen, Heller, Hic Iacet, High Spirits, Hunters moon, Imago Mortis, Impious Baptism, Inculter, Infamous, Infernal Goat, Infernal Necromancy, Infernus, Intoxicated, Legion of Darkness, Maleficence, Malignance, Malvento, Manticore, Melets, Midnight, Mortifier, Mortuary, Nahtruna, Nekrofilth, Nekromanteionr, Nerocapra, Nyx, Nocternity, Nocturnal Blood, Nocturnal Graves, Nox Interitus, Obscura Nox Hibernis, Oltretomba, Orgiastic Pleasure, Pagan Spirit, Pagan Winter, Perdition Temple, Perun, Perversor, Pilatus, Poisonous, Possession, Pregierz, Presumed Dead, Profanatica, Psycopath Witch, Radioactive Vomit,Ravencult, Revenge, Rexor, Royal Arch Blaspheme, Sacrocurse, Sanguis Imperem, Sarinvomit, Satanic Bloodspraying, Satanic Ripper, Satanic Threat, Shackles, Shiftfucker, Skoll, Sigma Draconis, Spite, Temple Nightside, Terrörhammer, The Blessed Hell Brigade, The Haunting Presence, The Lurking Corpses, The Second Coming, The True Endless, Tiger Junkies, Tod, Torvara, Tragoidia, Tragedy Begins, Trench Hell, Tyrant Goatgaldrakona, UrðunUrnaa, Vassafor, Veneror, Vladimirs, Vobiscum, Voices from Thaumiel, Void Ceremony, Void Meditation Cult, Witchmaster, Zemial... Need more?

Scheduled Broadcasts

05:00 > 06:00 pm:INTO THE PIT

Cult bands from the past. Selected for you, some still full of dust...


09:00 > 10:00 pm:DEMOPHAGUS

Maniacs of demos? Satisfy your hungry for old junks


01:00 > 02:00 am:INTO THE PIT

Cult bands from the past. Selected for you, some still full of dust...

Live and Videoclips