• DARKNESS - Collection 2001/2006

    Tape 24 tracks
    Limited 99 handnumbered copies
    Pro cover, sticker stamp tape
    Black metal
    Imperialismo Pagano 2006

    € 5,00


  • VULTURINE - Cathartes aura

    Tape 4 tracks

    Pro cover, cloned tape
    Black metal
    Goat music rec. 2004

    € 4,00


  • ZINE - Slowly we rot #6

    Pro printer A4 - 60 pages
    More than 250 reviews
    Interviews to: Amon, Attila Csihar,
    Centinex, Exciter, Obituary...

    Includes a cd compilation
    € 5,00


Cross the bones


2012: Retrogarde Metal only on Cassette Tape!

A new band is entering the Italian Metal Scene.A new one, yet already old, in advanced state of decomposition.
Oltretomba is the name, Retrogarde Metal is the music style (not to be Confused with the better-known Avantgarde Metal).
It's so retrò this work is a DEMOTAPE release!
That is to say exclusively recorded on tape!
Physically buying music has now become obsolete, just for fanatics or for those aged people that are already far gone (Well in advance of its time, due to the excesses made and received in youth), those wrecks, those living deads, they'll have what they deserve!
Nowadays only few people own some kind of device that can make a tape work, so this choice is reasonable. Those who still buy CDs or vinyls do that to own a fetish to be shown or "touched", while the everyday listening still happens on digital (however legal or illegal it might be), so...
here's the FINAL FETISH. A useless thing for some, yet a fine purchase for some others, a DEMOTAPE, like they used to do once, when we were young...
Chrome cassette tapes (Position Chrome) for a better listening experience! Retrò in the soul, in the music and in the format.