• RAIN OF ASHES - Path of devastation

    Tape 7 tracks

    Pro cover, sticker stamp
    Thrash metal
    Buffalo Revenge rec. 2002

    € 5,00


  • KRASHING - Disinterment

    Tape 10 tracks
    300 copies re-release of the two demo tapes
    Pro cover and sticker label, virgin tape
    Thrash death metal
    Putrid Cult 2013

    € 4,00


  • ZINE - Unholy Black #2

    Zine, eng/ita versions
    Xeroxed, pro cover b/w A4 - 67 pages handnumbered 100c.
    Ildjarn, Isvind, Orcustus, Tsjuder, Beatrik,
    Orcrist, Vultyr, Frostmoon Eclipse
    Year 2004

    € 2,00


THE DEATH - schieràti con la morte


Few months after the our release of the opening single 'Lustful skin', here is the full album by Fistbang Records, but in a limited 100 copies edition version: handmade leatherette dust jacket, mini poster and a grave candle with logo.


Recorded using miked acoustic drum and amplifiers , without the use of triggers or direct boxes.
Single session for each instrument, without overdubs nor copy/paste. To respect the retrogarde attitude!