Mystical prods. was born in early 2003 as no profit promotion agency to support bands of the underground metal scene.
Its goal was their promotion through webzines and magazines, labels, distribution agencies and radio, but also with live dates and printing of promo cd, flyers, pins, patches and various gadgets with promotional purpose.
With the passing of time the loss of interest to the underground extreme metal movement and the actual metal scene in genre, has brought the promotion section to an end.



We hate to see zines borning thousand a day with articles made by teenagers who just support their own friends, beyond their music. We won't see great bands reviewed in that shit.
We hate to see owners of clubs getting money from a live show, who rarely pay for what the band deserves. As the band itself is the show, not the club's lights.
We hate to se bands paying to play, buying a stage instead to gain it. So we find second-rate bands as openers for a gig, while better bands find hard to take part in it.
We hate to see guys playing just to record a professional cd, into the same professional studio, searching for the bigger label for the best distribution, when they still have to get a name. Because to play what is meant to be extreme music requires passion, motivation, inspiration, personality and aggression; to play in the rehearsal room for themselves, to record a demo to present in the first unlucky live show or some underground zine, to find their own audience. All things that ask time and dedication, not just money to buy the blasting sound.



For these and other reasons we quit all other activities, to mantain alive our catalogue made during these years, trading and buying materials from other underground labels or directly from the bands.
We are interested in all is wild and primitive, be it heavy metal or doom, trash or death; but we are mainly focused on black metal, so hard to find if not in modern (commercial), contaminated, gay versions. We're absolutely not interested in electronic or industrial contaminations and we don't support politically deployed bands.



If you don't break our rules, we are always open to new collaborations in any way, to support the few people who still take care of mantaining alive that old meaning of extreme metal and underground movement. Feel free to contact us for any proposal!
We can even  provide graphic, audio, printing support to zines, labels or bands.