• COMMUNION - Demo I

    Tape 2 tracks
    Black/White cover version
    Personalized cloned tape
    Black death metal
    Self.  2008

    € 3,00


  • VVAA - The reaper comes III

    CD 14 tracks

    Thrash, heavy metal
    Hoschi 2003

    € 5,00

  • VVAA - Almanacco Metal Italiano

    Book (italian only) + Cdr comp.
    B/W 94 pages, 18 bands
    Abgott, Athanor, Dictatoreyes, Disharmonic, Endless Pain,
    Methedras, Morte Interna, Northern Tod, Terremoto, Thodde...
    Year 2004

    € 8,00


Strigoii matris nostrae


"The world, as we know it, is near death. The apocalypse is near. Whatever is good will be burned
and the forces of chaos will reign marching towards Armageddon.
We want to be part of this deployment against religion and religious people
to fight fire with kelp and many urns filled with corpses"

With these words Urnaa began their activity into black metal scene, and now we are only at the second, of three chapters
dedicated to the three gates to hell...