• CHEMIKILLER - Enemy of Christ

    Tape 6 tracks
    Pro cover+sricker stamp tape
    Thrash metal
    Buffalo Revenge rec. 2003

    € 5,00


  • PILATUS - Diabolical trinity

    CD-r 5 tracks
    Limited 666
    Pro cover, cloned tape
    Black metal
    Self. 2001

    € 4,00


  • TUNDRA - Primordial

    Tape 8 tracks
    Re-release of cd version with different vocals and mix
    Sticker stamp, Pro cover handnumb. 300 copies
    Black metal
    War productions 2008

    € 4,00



Lustful Skin


After the debut demo tape, here comes another special release for old metal maniacs.

Opening for the official album out on february for Fistbang Records, we have released the single containing the title track in a pre-mix version and the first take of 'Ashes to dust'.



In this release have been also included the official videoclip, a Death SS medley cover and other bonus tracks (live and rehearsal recordings).

This limited edition single comes on vinyl cd in 7'' sleeve, 50 handnumbered copies with the exclusive keychan with band's logo (not to be sold separately).