• FAUNE - Faune

    Tape 9 tracks compilation

    Pro cover
    Doom black metal
    Self. 2004

    € 4,00


  • VVAA - Almanacco Metal Italiano

    Book (italian only) + Cdr comp.
    B/W 94 pages, 18 bands
    Abgott, Athanor, Dictatoreyes, Disharmonic, Endless Pain,
    Methedras, Morte Interna, Northern Tod, Terremoto, Thodde...
    Year 2004

    € 8,00

  • VENEROR - Nightwandering...

    Tape 3 tracks
    Pro cover, cloned tape with sticker labels
    Black metal
    Black Tears of Death 2011

    € 5,00



THE HORROR - figure del terrore



Italian not-so-new-comers Oltretomba make their triumphant Moribund
debut with their second full-length album: "THE HORROR - Figure del Terrore".
Old school in sound & style, raw and aggressive, even outright rocking.




 "THE HORROR: Figure del terrore" contains 9 tracks plus a disturbing intro and outro. Still retrogarde, still aggressive and primitive. Face the horror!